Masonic Books

Masonic Books

Masonic Books

It is important to understand how interpreting what Freemasonry intends being freeborn to symbolize. How this relates to Masonry's attitude toward despotism and mankind's ceaseless pursuit of freedom. These can be clearly read in almost all Masonic Books out there.

Throughout its early years, it receives the loving care of its nurturing parents and thereby learns how to trust in someone to make it feel safe, secure and very much loved.The Inquisition led to mass killings of Jews, gypsies and supposed witches, as well as others who were deemed not to have sincerely embraced the specific doctrine then in power. There comes a time when the child must leave that safe environment and journey alone into the world. It is then that the child truly learns in whom to place its trust.

The Masonic principles found in Masonic Books of positive thinking and positive emotion are more often Masonry's recommended weapons as opposed to guns and bullets. Heads of state, religious leaders, proponents of a particular school of philosophical thought, or even the bully down the street may fit the Masonic definition of a despot.

Accordingly, the best defense against such change was, and continues to be intolerance. The result of such a posture was illustrated most graphically during that period of history known simply as "The Inquisition" - a period when prelates and kings roamed the civilized world searching for heretics to burn and torture. 

In the Masonic journey, whether or not that journey commences with a period of private contemplation in the Chamber of Reflection, a candidate should be led to reflect upon where he is in his own life, where he wishes to be when his life on earth ends and how he should best accomplish the journey between those two points. For more Masonic Books, you can search the internet.


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