How To Choose The Right Kind Of Transportation

Mobility scooters were originally devised for the elderly as well as physically challenged people to help them commute short distances. However, these nifty modes of transportation are getting quite popular among those people of all age groups. The merit scooters provide is that one can ride one of these in comfort rather than walk and get tired. The popularity has led to a considerable market expansion resulting in a lot of new and innovative models being introduced as well as mobility scooter parts.

We have basically three types of scooters available: the three wheel scooter, the four wheel scooter and the compact mobility scooter. If you determine that you do not need something as rugged as a heavy duty mobility scooter, then there are several other kinds available. A portable scooter is one type of mobility scooter that is very popular. It is usually called a travel scooter because it is very easy to transport. Travel scooters can be broken down into several easy to manage pieces. As disassembled, the average person should have no problem lifting the individual pieces into the trunk of a car. One of the major advantages of such kinds of scooters is that you do not need to have a vehicle lift to transport it.

This way you can go on vacation and do not need to worry about finding electric bicycles that can carry it, because it can fit in almost any trunk or backseat. Top speeds average around eight miles per hour, with higher power four wheel models being suitable for road use, uneven terrain as well as hills. Another advantage of electric bikes is that they are transportable whether by folding down, disassembly, or by a simple trailer or lift in the case of four wheel light weight mobility scooter. Personal mobility scooters range in price from one thousand dollars for a simple model to five thousand dollars for fully customized and upgraded models.

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