The FortiVoice FVC-40 Is The Perfect Telephone System For Small Enterprise

The FortiVoice FVC-40 is the perfect telephone system for small business with massive ideas. The FVC-40 offers the only solution for growing companies that need to observe the final analysis. Loaded with features usually found on systems meant for big players, FortiVoice provides all the options of a large-scale system at an affordable price. Purchasers are astounded by how efficiently their calls are managed and how fast productivity takes off.

The FortiVoice FVC-40 not only succeeds at streamlining call related operations, it also helps create an image that any growing company struggles for. FortiVoice offers the very best of both worlds in one powerful composite telephone system. Entrepreneurs aren't compelled to make the decision between conventional and VoIP lines. With the FVC-40, the very best of both worlds is offered in one dynamic package.

The FortiVoice FVC-40 offers a few powerful features which allow small enterprise to break out of the conventional mold and function on a higher and better level of communications. With the FVC-40 remote extension feature, any telephone, any where, at any point can be a remote extension of the FortiVoice telephone system.

The FortiVoice FVC-40 supports 2 analog lines, eight VoIP trunks, and up to forty extentions, four of which can often be analogue. Business owners are also offered piece of minding knowing that their FortiVoice phone system may be expanded at any point. Up to 4 units can easily be combined to make a potent system capable of handling a maximum of 32 lines, 32 VoIP trunks, and a powerful four hundred extensions.

Features like sophisticated auto attendants, dial-by-name directories, music and messages while on hold, voice-mail, multiple language support, and call queue make the FortiVoice FVC-40 one of the premiere telephone systems on today's market. That mixed with an amount that beats the competitors hands down, has made clients pleased they made a commitment to FortiVoice. The FVC-40 includes 90 days of tech support and software upgrades, a one year limited hardware guaranty, and a thirty day money-back guarantee.

We sell, install and provide support for FortiVoice, including the FortiVoice 200D Phone Systems, FortiFone FON-550i Phones and FortiVoice Console Accessories. We offer free shipping and have a 30 Day Return Policy on systems.

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